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During this challenging time, students need our support more than ever. As a result of the physical distancing guidelines and subsequent closure of many businesses, it will be more challenging than usual for students to find summer employment opportunities. Losing the income from their regular summer work terms could have devastating effects on students—some may struggle with living expenses in the short term, while others may have difficulty paying tuition in the fall.

At the same time, your organization is likely facing unprecedented challenges, too. Our talented co-op students are eager to help address gaps and work with you (on a virtual basis, if needed).

And with generous wage subsidies available through the Federal Government’s Student Work Placement Program (SWPP), partnering with Carleton on a student co-op placement may be the perfect solution for your organization.

We have: driven, passionate and knowledgable students who will bring exceptional talent and enthusiasm to your workplace. With nearly 3,000 students in co-op work terms each year, we are confident that you will find student(s) who are a perfect match with your organization. Post jobs online quickly and efficiently to find the recruits with the right expertise and experience to fill your hiring needs. Carleton’s dedicated Co-operative Education team is here to guide you through each step of the process.

We need: new business partners to host co-op students during the summer term. As the labour market reacts to the COVID-19 crisis, a sharp and sudden downturn in demand for co-op students has occurred. We are actively seeking paid summer work opportunities for up to 500 undergraduate and graduate students in all disciplines.

The impact: by partnering with Carleton through our co-op program, you will not only provide a student with a crucial paid opportunity during a challenging time, but you will also help them take their first step toward a successful career. Your organization will gain talented employees who are enthusiastic to learn, apply new skills and contribute meaningfully to your organization.

Note: postings for summer work terms will be accepted until mid-June. If you’re not sure about summer hiring plans, you can post now for a fall work term.

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